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the great adventure

31.12.08 this is in sore need of an update.

i've picked up writing in a physical journal again, and i've been away. hence the super long hiatus. anyway, not much readership here in the first place anyway haha. writing for writing's sake again.

so the holidays have been pretty good. so much so that i almost forgot to go check up on textbooks and stuff, and will probably not get any so-called preparation done in time for school. in fact, i have a feeling that my engine will take so long to start this term, so much so that i'm already considering dropping one module, and term hasn't even started yet. i must be crazy. or on the verge on insanity hurhur.

so the extended / super-long stay in malaysia was a good time away. funny, when i was in kay el, i couldn't wait to get back to singapore. now that i'm back here, i rather be back in penang eating myself silly. i must say, this was one of the more enjoyable trips up, since i got to do stuff that i wanted to accomplish, meet up and chat with old friends, have some time alone to myself, play with my cousins who've all grown up (making it more atas fun, so called). and of course, eating myself silly. staying in penang beyond 3 days is highly dangerous. imagine, before we even got to the island itself, we were already eating at bidur (it's a tiny town on the way up). insane i tell you, but it was super fun.

christmas was crazily quiet. apart from the day that i was down at orchard (23rd i think). that night started out super wrong and annoyingly but turned out alright. phew, impulse is bad. and thanks you all for listening and understanding (:

alright, i've been bumming around a lot. i'm super lazy to get out of the house, which kind of explains my 3-day a week time table, which i love and hate at the same time. and i've got to go for another TAITEEEEEE / BRIDGE party (is loveeeee) haha. so, have a great 2009 people (:

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D