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the great adventure

5.10.08 it's been a while hur.

and so a few things have happened. people left and people came, but that's not the focus of the entry. i'm over it, but i do wish you knew my Jesus. and i pray i'll see you in glory when we all go up to see Him.

oh yes, week 7 brought a few new things into life haha. for once, i stayed back in school, and while waiting for my parents at soss, they security guard began closing the shutters and all o.O and if pascal orange crocs left school earlier than me, it must be some day haha. so the next level would be having an unofficial overnighter in school haha. and by unofficial, i mean in a non-camp condition hur. there was a point of time when i was tempted to call someone for tau huey haha. that's how deja vu the moment of midnight was haha.

i ramble! haha, doesn't help when you write with the hairspray soundtrack in the background haha.

so that's one presentation down, one mid term down, as of the end of this week. and i think i've gotten immune to school madness, i don't feel relief per se with the end of presentations and stuff. i'm just, uh, uhhhh, for lack of a better word haha.

in line with the muggerish theme (which is sort of fading away, i've fallen so far behind with my readings, i'll never catch up haha), i gave up botanic gardens, and spent the evening editing reports, APA-ing my references for rise and fall, and doing all the other things i've been meaning to do. and it's 11pm and i'm still feeling on the roll, but sort of lazy haha.

so mid term break is here, and i'm packed to the max with meetings, both the academic and relaxed kind. even my sunday's planned, and i'm looking at the little squares in my planner and go o.O gush, every square's filled. insane stuff.

alright, i think i'll go slack now haha. so much for hardworking. but there's 10am ethics to deal with tomorrow, so toodles. hur.

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D