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the great adventure

28.6.07 enough is enough.

before i go into anything, hellos to small david and ken lim (:

alright, i wrote but i think i'm done with that part, it's so immature, but i think the kindie time is bringing out the naggy mother in me, i appologise. worse thing is i'm doing pre-nursery this time, babies compared to k2s haha.

no more lending, ties, notes, whatever. it's cultivating irresponsible and confusing habits.

blah, i'm so angsty tonight after checking my email and looking at the schedule for july (that clashes with everything i want to do and makes it seem like i have no life), damn fundraising to be accomplished, and my lousy sleep schedule. and i'm supposed to be on this envious 9 month slack with little worries. rubbish, i say. this is bad, i'm stressed about things i'm not supposed to be stressed about, and i feel like sitting in front of the tv and rotting away, just when i complained i was bored to death by the idiot box. i think i'm going mad.

thank goodness there's my kid's phonecalls (sigh ask me about that), talking to kristen in front of our houses, 2 tags that made my day (awwww you're missed! (:), a green elf and gay spiderman, and the sorting out of this confusing tie business to keep me sane. plus, my super cute ziyi came back today and was parrotting me everytime i told the kids to finish their water.

and yes, i'm reviving kindie moment of the day! ethan is this super cute pre-nursery kid, and before he comes, he gets a pretty heavy breakfast. so when it comes to recess time, it's always a fun conversation:

me: "ethan, do you want biscuit?"
ethan: "no, i'm very full. i ate kaya toast. i burp already."

me: "ethan, do you want porridge?"
ethan: "no no --"
me: "oh you ate already and you're very full is it?"
ethan: "ya, kaya toast today."

(during play time)
me: "ethan, what did you have for breakfast today?"
ethan: "oh, peanut butter and bread!"
me: "so you don't want fried rice later?"
ethan: "nope, very full."

the mum was suitable amused when i told her about it haha.

oh well, that cheered me up a bit, thinking about the kids. i have a feeling that whenever i have a bad day, i'm going to conjure up these moments, look at old photos of acband and kindie life, and have my own private laugh haha. yes, enough is enough of angsty. ms tang is too nice, as guosh would say haha.

yes, to end off, funny tags that i've been meaning to post but never got down to it haha.

anonymark: it looks the same! except maybe the third calvin from the right of the third row has an extra tooth. in other conversations, thank you. you are a worthy friend.


karl: hey!i deserve some credit for helping out in youre template as well! *raises hand* ms tang!how could you forget me?

qinz: would you have a house warming for shifting you blog? haha

Jono: there are the same number of teeth what!

MIkey: jumjum!

Jono: !! hahah thanks, i'm mildly honoured. though it'd be quite unfortunate if i, uh, never grew up.

ken: gahh.
ken: gahhh x2 (:
LiNg: gahhh gahhh gahhh
ken: hahahaha.

anonymark: pph trivia #1: did you know that the play area you're in with the kids is actually a platform over the baptism pool?
anonymark: haha, eh i love jurassic park too.

sien: rawr! you could freight yourself over to toronto and hide in my cupboard!

mel: =)

anonymark: i got that from river island, just before i saw that amazing shoes. MOVE TO LJ, that way you can live your journal.

Jono: call me slow but look calvin has no teeth to count this time! and there're too many people jumping to wordpress. i've just been there all along hahah.

i'm telling you, jono and the elf have a strange fixation on calvin's teeth. but it's more jono hahaha

shujuan: its hans zimmer's fault can.. all the silly song titles..

pingu.: SURF`S UP!!

anonymark: hurry pls! i can't wait for the remaining dunno how many songs from the soundtrack!

sien: O_O i lag for a few weeks and there's so much to catch up on!
sien: RAAAWR! ehhh gotta study and tour full-time maah very little time to blogsurf

shujuan: i DO think u're becoming a pirate too!! and yes i DO miss the floppy hair haha..

anonymark: haha. aye that post was all me.

jiayi!: you should move t livejournal! its so much easier t do online shopping there!

anonymark: ahhhhhhhh. enough with the elf thing! haha

ken: hey ruth (:
smalldavid: hey ruth :)

sigh, don't you feel the heart tingles! haha you is love (: and finally, in response to a large amah appearance, here goes:


haha that's another love, bu i have no idea how big it's going to be, looks pretty erm small here haha.

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D