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the great adventure

29.5.07 oh holidays

oh my, now that the holidays are here, i'm actually bored. like i really have nothing to do, it's almost like i've gone back to the time when i was jobless. and it's only 2 days into the holiday and i'm really bored. so much so that i offered to do my brother's maths holiday homeword (read: maths, homework), which he politely declined (admittedly, he probably wanted me to do it for him haha). so much so that guosh and i were talking so much rubbish, it probably corrupted the alphabet and spelling (and it wasn't my part that this happened, obvious what happens to you when you start working for the moe haha).

must be the fact that kindie was my kind of holiday haha. it really was a holiday, little worries and lots of fun. i think i might go back and decorate my kids' classroom. paint it sunflower yellow and orange, but nevermind haha. but i'm glad i'll be going back in term 3 for a little while to help out the babies of the morning lot haha. even more glad that my kids all loved the little card i made for them and that they really miss me, as much as i do them. like how everything around me is related to kindie somehow, including making fun of markky's display names on msn haha, and looking at dinner place mats (i almost bought the one with the large green bean on it, adeline would have been proud of me haha).

but that's not the point! thinking back to kindie days makes me all the more bored! but then again, i think i'll have things to do soon enough. catch up with friends before i go into uni (lunch, dinner, coffee, anything. just that i can't erm pay for you hurhur, no pay during holidays haha), get out for the great singapore sale (yeah right haha). but that's funny, what my mum did yesterday, because she actually suggested that we go walk around in vivo city, which i've hardly been to since it opened despite it being so near my house, still prefer harbourfront. then we actually bothered to bus down to orchard haha. it was like bus around day for both of us haha. okay haha random, but i had fun yesterday, despite the walking (from acjc, to barren land acsi, to dover, to the mainroad). at least i was doing something erm productive haha.

anyway, i've been listening to the jurrassic park soundtrack today, and damn, the main theme is super addictive, even more so since it's something like the arrangement we played for lights camera action, and it's in tune with no mistakes (london philharmonic, don't play play). and i realise, everytime i take a bus, i'll be telling myself, oh, which kid stays here, and quite a few of them stay around my area. doesn't make me miss the kids any less =p

anyway, help ms tang fill up her time please. ask me out (not too ex lah haha), ask me for help with schoolwork (gp, history, lit, i don't mind maths even, just that it stops at a maths haha), ask me to do your colouring also can haha. watch pirates! watch tv! talk nonsense! yes, help ms tang fill up her time haha.

alright, i'm off to do something productive haha. attempt, okay attempt.

/ edit /

something productive indeed haha, looking at the changes here hurhur. i think i like the funny faces better, but the song's been stuck in my head ever since i started listening to the happy feet soundtrack, makes you wanna dance (boogie wonderland) everytime haha.

/ edit /

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D