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the great adventure

22.5.07 misfit of the century

i just went looking around on friendster, and somehow went on a sort of old school friends searching thing. no idea what triggered it, but i have a feeling it's annie's tag (hey girl! (:) and i realised a few things. my old primary school friends are either all ah lian / ah beng (well, it's a neighbourhood, much as we hate the typical stereotype, no offence). on the end of the spectrum, my secondary school mates are all wearing make up and having boyfriends.

it's a strange feeling being in the center. neither here nor there. and it's funny comparing yourself to them. i think it's even more so with the second group of people. must be a girl-school thing heheh. but no, i hardly think i'll be dolling myself any time sooner.

but it's funny how the same school produced different species almost. the kind who are presumably more normal, the kind that goes out and stays out till they miss the last train home, the kind that... you know, seems more... cool, so to speak. well, obviously i'm abnormal, clueless on how to dress up like a lady and leader of tomorrow (sorry crescent, i still heheh find that part funny), and i've only ever missed the last train home once, and that was erm steph's fault haha.

haha i doubt i'll ever be the cool sort ever. i'm the nerd, the toot, who loves kids but can discipline them at the same time (yeah, and not just go, "aiyo, soooo cuttteeee" while they all run around amok, useless), the kindy teacher, the aunty, the amah (now, that's something i inherited from crescent days eh haha). neither will i be the smart one. i'm the need-to-mug toot, the one who'll never go over to contact lenses because i'm just to lazy too.

brings to mind that song that goes "she's the prom queen, i'm in the marching band..." haha i remember jillyan and i went mad over that song in sydney, and both of us had the same idea: what's wrong in being in the band? haha bandits are cool people, they know how to sing in tune and clap to the rhythm hurhur.

haha i don't even know where i'm going with all this. no, i don't have an identity crisis, neither am i going through some late pre-teen crisis, uh uh. i just find it ironic. maybe it's because tomorrow's the last day i see my kids. sigh.

in other news, the soundtrack of happy feet not only makes you want to watch the movie, it makes you want to dance hard like those cute penguins and love them twice as much. i'm off to csi.

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D