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the great adventure

9.5.07 i'm free

so i'm here heheh. it's the possibility of having multiple entries shown on the same page that's making it tempting to update even more like the plague, but nevermind haha.

well okay fineeeee my brother deserves some credit for showing me some blogskins so that i can kope... erm study html and look for the codes that blogger uses (it's freaking different and more complicated than dland, hence explaining why i haven't moved in a long time, despite having an account here for quite erm long), and he certainly is unforgettable, since he's such a pain in the butt by constantly talking to me while i'm doing something else, hence reminding me of the fact that i cannot multitask. but anyway, he's unforgettable in different aspects okay, and i do write about him quite some here and back in dland, it's just that you were blurr and didn't see (haiya what's new man).

and yes, everyone who has gotten a tag that says 'i've moved' or something along the lines of that, and who has popped by here / changed the link is invited to the housewarming, as qins puts it haha. or blogwarming, as my brother put it gush -.- so anyone going to bring anything besides tags for the blogwarming? heheh

wah, this is going to be some hot place, with all the warmth (yes haha), especially with all the hot debate about how many teeth the 'third calvin from the right of the third row' has. i'm rather sure markky and jono will have A LOT to say / debate about that -.- fancy worrying about whether calvin has grown an adult tooth recently or not! (sorry, my kids have been showing and telling me about how their baby teeth have been dropping and stuff like that, it's been a long time since i had had to deal with that kind of thing haha)

and NO, jono, it's not wombattty because it's a batty wombat -.- it's just... wombat-ty with an extra t, because someone else has the one with 2 t's. gush

and then there'll be the usual stalker in the form of mel (no, not the band mel, that's meow) that provides the extra watching eye haha.

anyhow's two days to syf! excited yet terrified at the same time. music, ruth, it's the music that counts. the process, as ken lim put it aptly.

Give me strength to cross the water,
keep my heart upon Your altar.
Give me strength to cross this water,
keep my feet don't let me falter.

run run run

the person

ruth is someone who loves God very much, as well as her friends and buddies. she's currently in singapore but really belongs to kayel, malaysia. an ex-cres, ex-acjc and ex-smoosocsc, she's currently a teacher, BCYouth, and loves music in general. and she really likes to smile :D